DIPimage is a software package developed at TU Delft in the Netherlands. It is a Matlab toolbox for scientific image processing and analysis. This toolbox requires Matlab 5.3/R11 or later version for compatibility. The latest version of DIPimage and the compatible Matlab versions required can be found on its download website.

Installation instructions

NB: Before installing any new versions of DIPimage, please make sure that the previous version is correctly uninstalled.

Automatic installation (Windows)

  • Download and run the installation program as an administrator on the computer you are using.
  • Follow the instructions in the installation GUI
  • Open Matlab and type >> run(‘C:\Program Files\Foldername\dipstart.m’). Here, Foldername is the name of the folder where DIPimage got installed in the ‘C:\Program Files’ folder. For example, on installing the current version of  DIPimage on Windows 7, the default folder name is DIPimage 2.4 unless specified otherwise. This command is used to initialize the toolbox by running the dipstart.m file. After initialization, the following output (depending on the version of DIPimage installed) appears on the command line of Matlab:
DIPlib 2.4 (Dec 29 2011 – Release [on Cygwin (with OpenMP)])
    Scientific Image Analysis Library
    Quantitative Imaging Group, Delft University of Technology 1995-2011
    info@diplib.orgdipIO 2.4 (Dec 29 2011 – Release)
    File I/O library for DIPlib
    Quantitative Imaging Group, Delft University of Technology 1999-2011
  • To check if the default images are correctly installed, type >> readim on the Matlab command line. If everything is installed properly, an image of a woman will appear in a new dialogue box.

Manual installation (Windows)

  • Unzip the distribution dipimage X.X XXX winXX.zip in the C drive. It will generate a folder C:\dip with two sub-folders C:\dip\common and C:\dip\win32 or C:\dip\win64 depending on the version downloaded. The first folder contains the DIPimage Matlab toolbox and the second contains DIPlib and the related support files.
  • Unzip the images.zip file in the C:\dip folder. This will create C:\dip\images folder where the default test images are stored.
  • Now type the following lines on the Matlab command line to intialize the DIPimage toolbox. :
  • To test if the toolbox is working fine, type >> readim on the Matlab command line. If everything is installed properly, an image of a woman will appear in a new dialogue box.


To see some demos of the toolbox, type >> addpath C:\dip\common\dipimage\demos on the command line of Matlab. The folder ‘C:\dip\’ should be replaced with the one where DIPimage has been installed (for example : C:\Program Files\DIPimage 2.4\ in case of automatic installation).

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