These are the scientific software packages that were written over the years.

  • CudaMat, a Matlab plugin for using GPU speed for Matlab programs.
  • a deconvolution package for microscopy data including structured illumination and coherent modes
  • a matlab set of programs for image reconstruction of structured illumination microscopy data (other main contributers: Dr. Kai Wicker and Dr. Ondrej Mandula)
  • ‘View5D’, 5D data visualization tool for microscope images (Java applet, ImageJ plugin, 1998 – )
  • Rewrite‘, a flexible system for symbolic mathematics (C, 1991-1996)
  • ‘VoiceRecog’, a system for speech-regognition of unknown speakers (objective C, 1994)
  • Library for Image Processing, and ML-Deconvolution (C++, 1996 – )
  • Some hints for setting up the Matlab environment (usage of the group’s toolboxes, startup file, Dip image settings,…) are given here


Our Github repository can be found here.



Furthermore, we include some information on software packages that are not developed in our group:

  • DIPimage, and our advice on how to set it up
  • A detailed list of other software packages for use in microscopy and image processing.

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