These are the scientific software packages that where written over the years.

  • CudaMat, a Matlab plugin for using GPU speed for Matlab programs.
  • a deconvolution package for microscopy data including structured illumination and coherent modes
  • a matlab set of programs for image reconstruction of structured illumination microscopy data (other main contributers: Dr. Kai Wicker and Dr. Ondrej Mandula)
  • ‘View5D’, 5D data visualization tool for microscope images (Java applet, ImageJ plugin, 1998 – )
  • ‘Rewrite’, a flexible system for symbolic mathematics (C, 1991-1996)
  • ‘VoiceRecog’, a system for speech-regognition of unknown speakers (objective C, 1994)
  • Library for Image Processing, and ML-Deconvolution (C++, 1996 – )
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