The project “FastFibreSIM” has the aim of overcoming the speed limits of the current SIM technology. As a result, the acquisition of three-dimensional multi-color images of living cells with high spatial and temporal resolution should be possible. In order to meet these speed requirements, the use of macroscopically moving parts must be avioded. Our approach is a fiber optic phase modulator that can move the light pattern in the sample precisely and very quickly. Fast and robust algorithms will allow image reconstruction in real time. A high-resolution microscope that meets these requirements will not only open up new horizons in cell biology but also in biomedical and pharmaceutical research.


01.06.2014 bis 28.02.2017

  1. Leibniz-Institut für Photonische Technologien e.V. (IPHT)
  2. Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH , Jena
  3. Fibotec Fiberoptics GmbH, Meiningen
  4. Cairn Research Ltd. Faversham, Kent, UK
Motion artefact detection:

“The reconstruction process of structured illumination microscopy (SIM) creates substantial artefacts if the specimen has moved during the acquisition. This reduces the applicability of SIM for live cell imaging, because these artefacts cannot always be recognized as such in the final image. A movement is not necessarily visible in the raw data, due to the varying excitation patterns and the photon noise. We present a method to detect motion by extracting and comparing two independent 3D wide-field images out of the standard SIM raw data without needing additional images. Their difference reveals moving objects overlaid with noise, which are distinguished by a probability theory-based analysis. Our algorithm tags motion-artefacts in the final high-resolution image for the first time, preventing the end-user from misinterpreting the data. We show and explain different types of artefacts and demonstrate our algorithm on a living cell.” (Abstract of publication [1])



[1] Ronny Förster, Kai Wicker, Walter Müller, Aurélie Jost, and Rainer Heintzmann, “Motion artefact detection in structured illumination microscopy for live cell imaging,” Opt. Express 24, 22121-22134 (2016)



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Ronny Förster M.Sc. (

Prof. Dr. Rainer Heintzmann (


last update: 19.05.2017

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