An ever-growing task in bio-imaging is to provide high-resolution images equipped with additional information such as quantitative phase in the form of inexpensive microscopes. Approaches to democratize this technology gives tools for the public, educational concepts and scientific special tasks. The focus lays on field research, for instant microscopic diagnostics, e.g. Malaria, in the S4 laboratory as a “disposable microscope” or also for use in the educational context.

Here we present a modular, cost-effective, complexity-reduced, yet high-resolution microscopy system. Image capture and processing devices, such as smartphones in conjunction with 3D rapid prototyping, significantly reduce production costs. The

modular design allows fast and easy adaptation of the system to the specific requirements of the end user. In combination with intelligent algorithms the use of the microscopy system for single molecule detection (dSTORM) and scanning microscopy (ISM) is also made possible.

Hardware specific drivers in combination with image processing algorithms which benefit from the known hardware configuration, produce results with an extended information depth, such as 3D information or even super-resolution.

We hope, that using such a system, makes cutting edge research available to a large community which involves ideas from different research fields and contributes to the scientific community. Its low price and high availability makes it also suitable for using it in educational environments or development countries to help understanding the principle of optics or detect e.g. waterborne-parasites in the field.

You can find all resources here.

Contact: Benedict Diederich

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