Here, we present an overview of the current research project in the group. More detailed information about each project can be found by following the corresponding link!

  1. Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy
    • Structured Illumination microscopy (SIM): several projects in our workgroup aim to further improve the performance of SIM, for instance in terms of speed with fast fibre SIM, simultaneous acquisition of several planes with MF-SIM, yet higher lateral resolution with NL-SIM, or multicolor SIM. The improvement of optical sectioning rather than lateral resolution in SIM can be done in a single-shot exposure thanks to picoSIM. Last but not least, in the ROI-SIM project, we intend to combine a DMD-based SIM system with small region of interest (ROI) and scanning approach, to combine with multiphoton excitation and thus reach deep tissue imaging.
    • dSTORM: the aim of the first project is to build an automated set-up for sequential multicolor dSTORM. Another project is to further improve the performance of dSTORM with an innovative design which we call holoSTORM.
  2. Laser scanning microscopy: thanks to the UZ-Interferometer (UZI), the lateral resolution and detection efficiency of a fluorescence confocal microscope can be improved.
  3. Scattering microscopy with optical coherence tomography (OCT) and holoscopy
  4. Raman micro-spectroscopy: we develop a novel micro-spectrograph which enables imaging of large regions at an unprecedented fast rate.
  5. Alternative projects: we work on a cheap and opensource microscope based on cellphone technology and 3D-printed parts
  6. Novel computing approaches
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