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  • Sergey Nazarov (PhD-Student, Minsk)
  • Liyan Song PhD student: Fast SIM using interleaved excitation
  • Dr. Ulrich Leischner Post-Doc: Selective Plane Illumination, Ultramicroscopy
  • Dr. Martin Kielhorn  Post-Doc:  Micromirror Enhanced Microimaging
  • Jörg Hildebrand Sigma-Tau imaging (Diploma)
  • Xiang Lu Light-Sheet microscopy (Research Labwork)
  • Anne Boehm LED Lightsource (Werkstoffwissenschaften)
  • Svetlana Shestaeva  Masters student
  • Florian Blase
  • Erika Kielmann (TA)
  • Heidrun Müller (TA)
  • Dr. Eckhard Birckner (TA)
  • Ivana Sumanovac  PhD student: Pointillism
  • Martin Reifarth  (Masters: Sample Embedding Media)
  • Dr. Kai Wicker  (Post-Doc: Structured Illumination, Image Inversion Interferometer, PicoSIM)
  • Dr. Daniel Appelt  (PhD: Polarisation-coded structured illumination microscopy (PicoSIM))
  • Ronny Förster  (Masters: fastSIM)
  • PD Dr. Reinhold Gade
  • Dr. Alfred Jakobi
  • Dr. Ondrej Mandula  (Masters: Structured Illumination)
  • Kathrin Klehs  (Masters: Photoswitching kinetics)
  • Dr. Liisa Hirvonen  (PhD: Structured Illumination)
  • Dr. Jakub Nedbal  (PhD: Web-FISH, IgE Class switching)
  • Dr. Susan Cox  (Post-Doc: Micromirror assisted microimaging, 3B)
  • Minyi Zhong  (Masters: Sigma-Tau imaging)
  • Simon Sindbert  (Image Inversion Interferometer)
  • Enno Oldewurtel  (Non-linear Structured Illumination)
  • Yannik Colpin  (Masters: LED Illumination)
  • Diana Clausznitzer  (Blind Deconvolution)
  • Yeliz Tatli  (LED Illumination)
  • Christian Karras
  • Sönke Ziemer
  • Pavla Beresova

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