View5D as ImageJ Plugin

View5D as an ImageJ plugin has the advantage of combining this interactive data display with the data-import/export and -analysis capabilities of ImageJ and its other plugins.
The ImageJ plugin can be obtained here. To install it in ImageJ, create a folder "View5D" in the plugin directory of ImageJ and unpack the zip file into this "View5D" folder or place the jar file directly into the ImageJ plugin folder.

Within ImageJ the View5D application is capable of importing ("l") and exporting ("X") data from and to ImageJ. It is important to assure that the datasizes of s4 and 5D volumes are set correctly within ImageJ: "Slices (z)" and "Frames (t)". If they are not correct, you can do this by changing the entries in the "Image->Properies" menu of ImageJ. For a summary of these functions see here.
Note that ImageJ does not jave a complex data type. The Fourier-transforms of ImageJ are therefore just displayed as their magnitude.

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