Online Tutorials

In this section a basic and some more advanced tutorials are given with the aim to get the user acquainted to the usage of View5D. To do the tutorials it is useful to  have the viewer simultaneously open. For this reason a viewer with an appropriate example is included in each tutorial page.

2D Multicolor tutorial, be patient for the viewer to start (500 kB) and data to load (~900 kB)

The basic viewer operations (navigation, zooming, dragging) are introduced. Then the focus shifts to navigation with multiple (here 7) colors. The tutorial finishes with 2-dimensional histograms and their use in identifying specific chromosomes in ratio labeling (m-FISH). Start the tutorial here.

Three-dimensional Quantification tutorial, THIS MIGHT TAKE SOME TIME (~4.2 MB) 

A dual color three-dimensional data set is used to demonstrate the measurement of Volumes, Distances. The concept of threshold based gating for display purposes (e.g. for ratio images, FRET images, fluorescence lifetime image) as well as quantification is introduced. Start the tutorial here.

2D Tracking tutorial, be patient for the viewer to start (500 kB) and data to load (~2*300 kB)

Using a small example of single molecules diffusing in a membrane, the tracking capability of View5D is introduced. The tutorial explains how the user can interact with the system and finally retrieve statistics data of the track and/or export the tracking information to programs such as Excel. Start the tutorial here.

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